Bigg Boss 8 {DAY44} Puneet thrown out of the House for Physical voilence in “Uunchi hai Building” task

Bigg Boss DAY 37 Phone Booth Task Ali is no more Captain of Hous

Bigg Boss 8 DAY 44 Puneet thrown out of the house for Physical Voilence

Contestant of The Day “Puneet”

Upen clarifies his nominations Karishma regret her mistake of not saving Sushant, Puneet evicted from house for physical violence with Aarya.

Diandra condolence to Karishma

Diandra concise Karishma to not isolated from everyone like Gautam and she is going very well in task but only for one mistake she became villain of house for not Saving Sushant from punishment. Diandra praise Gautam that he save’s Sushant.

Bigg Boss 8 DAY44Diandra condolence to Karishma

Karishma Confess

Bigg Boss called Karishma and ask Karishma how she is. Karishma told that she have guilt to not save Sushant on that the reason she gave was very little . Karishma cried that everyone felt her as vamp, Villain, Devilish. and she not slept whole night for this Guilt.

Bigg Boss 8 DAY44 Karishma cried in confess room for her mistake

“Uunchi Hai Building”

Luxury Budget Uunchi hai Building task contestant divides into two group Sonali, Gautam, Pritam, Puneet and Sushant in one team and Karisham, Diandra, Aarya, Praneet and Ali. In this task contestant have to make tallest building using the blocks kept in the garden area. In this task one of the contesant have to rotate the wheel contestant can made buildings only when wheel is rotating. other team have to stop them to make buildings.

Puneet hold’s Aarya Neck and throw

Aarya stop the wheel and hold tightly with his hand  Puneet tried a lot to rotate it but didn’t move. So Puneet just grabed the neck of Aarya and throw him on the side of wheel. On this Aarya shocked and Ask Bigg Boss to call him in confession room.

Aarya bang his head

Aarya go to confession room and banged himself on the door of confession room, and Aarya went to Confession room and told everything about the incidence and told that his neck is still paining a lot and can’t speak well.

Bigg Boss 8 DAY44 Puneet gets Physical with Aarya and throwd him

Pritam pulled Diandra hand

Diandra gone to break the building which is made by Sonali, Pritam and Gautam. Pritam pulled the Diandra and

Puneet thrown Praneet too

While Aarya is in confession room in task now Praneet stopped the wheel again Puneet grab Praneet leg and pulled him very rudely. And started rotating the wheel. Praneet also excused that he is doing physical voilence again and again.

Bigg Boss 8 DAY44 Puneet pulling Praneet

Ali tried to stop Wheel

Karishma pushed Ali to stop the wheel while Puneet rotation the wheel very speed. However he go near to stop the wheel it strike him on his leg. After this Ali picked a wooden log and throwed in the wheel to stop the wheel.

Task Cancelled

On seeing all this Bigg Boss cancelled task because it were going no where to get any result. As most audience think there is problem in the task given by Bigg Boss which can’t be easily performed by physically.

Who take’s Stand

Diandra shout now who’s taking stand for Aarya as Gautam group takes stand for Sonali. Even Sonali didn’t taking stand for Aarya who shout’s a lot that time when Sonali is thrown by Diandra. Diandra argues that she can easily thrown Sonali anywhere pointing to Sonali. Diandra said that she can physical with Pritam too who pulled her hand and throwed her.

Puneet discussed with Aarya

Puneet asked sorry from Aarya for his physical voilence done by hi, Aarya said that at time where he have to use power to make Gautam  captain where he can allow to do physical he didn’t do that. Know he didn’t have to be physical whereas he physicaled with him. Puneet said that he do it because Aarya not letting wheel to move.

Bigg Boss called Puneet & Aarya

Bigg Boss called both Puneet and Aarya to listen both opinion on the incidence, Puneet accept his mistake and Aarya don’t want to thrown Puneet out of the house.

Bigg Boss 8 DAY44 Bigg Boss called both Puneet and Aarya to listen both opinion

Aarya accepting Good result

Aarya didn’t said Bigg Boss to thrown out of the house because he have family relation with him, Aarya accept a good result from Bigg Boss that Bigg Boss would take good decision. Upen, Karishma, Diandra told Aarya to ask for Puneet elimination but Aarya not listen to them and left the result on Bigg Boss.

Puneet Elliminated

On viewing all points Bigg Boss punish Puneet that he have to left house now taking out all his luggage. Most of the housemates accepting this from Bigg Boss. Gautam is shocked on hearing whose only father figure friend going out of the house.

Bigg Boss 8 DAY44 Puneet thrown out of house of physical voilence

Puneet go out of the house

Aarya thanks Bigg Boss for his decission that he didn’t have ta ask descission for shouting its good that Bigg Boss have rules to take judgements. Karishma and Diandra still talking about the decission taken of Bigg Boss was right. Karisham said that how wise they are they make mistake how Karishma made yestarday for not selecting  Sushant and Now Puneet make mistake.

Gautam Cried for Puneet

Gautam cried like a child when Puneet going out of the house and packing his luggage.  Gautam told that Bigg Boss would gave him some other  punishment or nominate him for next week. And everyone would miss his tasty food of kitchen.

Bigg Boss 8 DAY44 Gautam cried for Puneet

day end with the eliminnation of Puneet, Puneet will came back or not check on next day

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