Tarot Reader Mrs Monika Badnani predicts Mandana Karimi Bigg Boss 9 winner

Tarot Reader Mrs Monika Badnani predicts Mandana Karimi Bigg Boss 9 winner

Tarot Reader Mrs Monika Badnani predicts Mandana Karimi Bigg Boss 9 winner

A renowned Tarot Card reader Mrs Monika Badnani visited the Bigg Boss house contestant can ask and listend what she says about housemates questions. And she predict that as Mandana Karimi Bigg Boss 9 winner

Prince Tarot card

Prince come first and Monika pick some cards and ask Prince that he is cheated in the house he said some of the housemates. Prince ask about the relationship he make in the house will continue outside the house Monika replied it is relationship will not work after the show.  She ask Prince that he want win the show or to win in the life, Prince replied that he want to win both if he win this then he will win in life also.

Rishabh Tarot Card

Monika told Rishabh that he want to do many thing at one time but he unable to do things. Rishabh ask that his field entertainment is best for him, Monika answerd with 70 – 30 % that 70% is in favored of rishabh this entertainment field. she says to work hard but you lose foucs and you have to be more patience , work on it.

Keith Tarot Card

Keith come to Monika says that Keith like to work hard and he have to make priorities do not do everything at one you wouldn’t get result. Keith will get work if he not balanced he lose it or not get the reward. Rishabh ask Keith to ask about Rochelle but Rochelle shut up the Rishabh to ask about it.

Rochelle Tarot Card

Next Rochelle came to Monika, She ask how she will get response after the show Monika says  that she didn’t reach heights after the show But she will get good work. love life is going to be some up and down. Rochelle ask about her friendship in the house will last longer outside the house Monika didn’t take name and said that some friend will remain and some will go away.  Rochelle ask about friendship with Mandana meanwhile Mandana quoted that she is still not friend with anyone and will not remain. Monika told it will be 50 – 50.

Mandana Tarot Card

 At Last Mandana, Monica says that she have a problem in her love life , She ask that his partner opinion has changed after this game she confess that she had did many things in the game did he accept it or not. Monika said that everything going to be all right if she talks. Mandana talk about she broked lot of people hearts and became rude or became evil and she is distraught what her parents, friends will thought about her. Rishabh says to see the episodes after going to home what she did in the house is evil or not ? Monica replied that you beleive that it is wrong what she did in house is game, you did in game

Rochelle ask everyone to go out and she want to ask question alone to Monika, Rochelle ask about the her marriage with Keith as she was embarrassed. if she asked in front of Keith. So Monika says she have to do marriage fast but you have to work from your side in the relationship and make it more strong. 


Before the Monika goes Bigg Boss ask from Monika who is going to be the winner of Bigg Boss she replied MANDANA KARIMI without any confussion she think that Mandana Karimi Bigg Boss 9 winner

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